The Perfect Blend Of Fun,Function & Fashion

The fun and functional Sprockyt™ is the perfect sidekick for all day-to-day essentials. Simply attach and enjoy an extensive range of uses and stunning aesthetics, helping you stand out from the crowd.

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Long gone are the days of boredom orstruggling to grip your phone


Ring flips out to provide a firm hold on your phone


Lay your phone flat. give it a spin, and watch it keep going and going.


Precise hinge designed to securely stand your phone for viewing.


Spinner-Fun! Spin your Sprockyt™ to pass the time or ease your mind.


Spin your Sprockyt™ to reveal hidden designs. Certain models only.


Attach your Sprockyt™ low for vertical viewing and wireless charging.

Upscale your fun with a spinner ring grip

Hold your phone securely and multiply your fun - the only ring grip with an integrated spinner.

Choose your Sprockyt™

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Stop waiting and start Sprockyting! The Sprockyt™ is the do-all phone accessory with the perfect blend of fun, function and fashion! Stop missing out and join the movement today by grabbing your own!

Choose your Sprockyt™