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May 2, 2018

What would we do without our favorite smartphones and gadgets?

Obvious answers aside, like enjoying the moment and not running into poles (there’s an app for that!), you have to admit that we live our lives around our phones. We’re not judging—we’re addicted, too. But have you ever wondered how to make the smartphone even more awesome IRL? 

At Killer Concepts, we’re all about making smart electronics smarter. We think of gadgets you’ve never thought of, yet couldn’t live without. And, we make them affordable. And clever. And as useful as all get-out.

So, take a minute to see some of what Killer Concepts to offer. We just know you’ll find something that’ll make you wanna say: “Yeah, I want that.” 

The Original Piggy® Phone Stand

Video chatting with grandma: good. Having to hold up your phone for two hours while you explain how her DVR works: not great.
That’s why we love our original Piggy® Phone Stand, the cutest way to make your phone hands-free. With over 11 colors to choose from, this smartphone accessory is a must for anyone that wants to watch TV and video chat with ease.
The Piggy® Phone Stand can work for almost any smartphone, smartphone cover, and certain tablets. It can even help you get a grip. No, really—you can use the Piggy® Phone Stand as a handle that you can use to grip large phones. All you have to do is stick it on the back, hold the Piggy Phone Stand between your fingers, and—voila—your phone call just got easier. 

Our Next-Gen Piggy® Pro phone stand

Want to go pro? You can, with our new and improved Piggy® Pro, the latest evolution of our Piggy Phone® Stand. Like all younger siblings, the Piggy® Pro is newer, sleeker, and more useful than ever (sorry, older siblings).
And don’t let the small size fool you, this brand-new phone stand is durable and even doubles as a compact mirror.
You can even adjust your phone to whatever angle you like, giving you the ultimate hands-free experience. Whether you need to keep the glare out your screen for high-def movies or read articles during your lunch hour, the Piggy® Pro’s got you.
With this awesome smartphone accessory, you can also watch TV with ease and take the perfect selfie. You use the compact mirror to make sure every hair’s in place, and then use our stand to find the most flattering vantage point possible--no more of that “let me find the right angle” awkwardness!

Be a Fan of Our Smartphone Fan

Your phone can help you find out when the next scorching heat waves will be. But helping you cool down? Not so much.
Enter: our Smartphone Fan.
This breath of fresh air plugs into your phone to give you a nice, cool breeze. And don’t worry about this smartphone accessory draining your battery—our fan operates on a low-power draw, so you can use it for hours on end.

Rock Out with Rocksteady XS

There’s nothing sadder than jamming out to the puny, low-fi sound coming from your phone’s speaker. If you want to take your music to the next level, rock out with our Rocksteady XS, a portable Bluetooth speaker system that lets you take your personal playlist anywhere you want.
With two side-blasting speakers and a center subwoofer, you can ditch the headphones and get a clear, awesome sound that’ll get the party started. Whether you’re having an outdoor party or just want to listen to a podcast while you’re doing chores, the Rocksteady XS can last for an incredible 10 hours. It can also connect to two devices at a time, so you and your friends can trade DJ-duty seamlessly. But what if you want to feel like a big shot? Well, the Rocksteady XS has a call-answering function that’ll let you feel like a boss in the boardroom! 

Amplify Your Phone with Our Amp Stand

Who says you have to plug in to turn up? The Killer Concepts Amp Stand is a clever little device that amplifies your phone’s speaker without any power. Using a clever acoustic design, the Amp Stand can help you pump up the volume for your favorite songs and videos. Best of all, this little smartphone-accessory-that-could is small enough to fit in any pocket.

Light the Way with USB LED Lights

Ever tried to read using your phone’s flashlight function? Then you know it’s a no go. But with Killer Concept’s USB LED Lights, you can easily shine a light in dark environments and read to your heart’s content.

Cool, right? We think so, too. We love thinking up clever, delightful, smart electronics, gadgets and more that make your life easier. Keep an eye out for more innovative products and the smartphone accessory of your dreams at Killer Concepts.