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Killer Concepts is an American company headquartered in Orange County, California.  Founded in 2011, Killer Concepts creates high quality innovative smartphone accessories and electronic gadgets.

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LED Lights

It will emit light up to 115 lumens

No software, simply insert the USB light into any powered USB port, and the light will turn on.

Mobile Fans

No. Just plug it in and use it either with your phone’s screen on, or off.

The Smartphone fan not only cools you off, but it runs cool too, making it extremely efficient.  It is designed to use about 10% of your phone’s battery per hour of use (your results may vary depending on what type of phone you use).

Piggyback Cellphone Stand

To get the best suction, make sure your phone or phone case is oil and dirt free.  If your phone or phone case has a textured finish, attach your Piggy to a smooth area if possible.




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